Anti-trad Italian Bishops call for Marini to be sacked. Pope Francis says no.

Many thanks to a commenter for pointing me to the article on the Eponymous flower blog: Why Pope Won't Fire Marini: "Put the Treasure of Tradition to Use. This has a translation of an article by Guiseppe Nardi with material supplementary to the article in Il Foglio which I mentioned yesterday. Tancred posted the translation earlier in the day and I missed it. (Note to self - put Eponymous Flower in higher category on Feedly.)

As was also rightly commented, there is another important point in the episode worth noting, as well as the Holy Father's insistence that we should treasure tradition: some of the Italian Bishops have been putting pressure on the Holy Father to sack Mgr Guido Marini. He has refused, saying that he wants to benefit from Mgr Marini's traditional formation and to allow Mgr Marini also to be formed by him.

Some may say "Oh what does Pope Francis mean by 'my emancipated formation'?" Well I think we just need to see how that all works out. Personally I find it consoling that Pope Francis, whose liturgical celebrations in Buenos Aires have been given plenty of publicity, and who is obviously not a devotee of traditional liturgy, is open, shrewd, and generous enough to learn from his much-maligned MC, and will not give in to pressure to restrict the terms of Summorum Pontificum. We have been waiting for some indications on these questions. Now we have them, and I for one am greatly relieved.

(Does anyone have a link to the original article by Guiseppe Nardi?)

UPDATE: Rorate Caeli has some important further comment on this issue: Did the Pope say to resisting bishops: "Summorum will not be touched"? Not really. which is worth reading for further reference to Sandro Magister who seems to be the source of all the comments - I could not find the original Italian article by Magister last night.

I still remain optimistic about the indications given in these reports.

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