Visit to Good Counsel Network

Always a rewarding and enriching experience. I go to the Good Counsel Network's London centre now and again to give Benediction at the end of the working day. I was there on Wednesday but my mention of my visit was overshadowed by the murder that happened in Woolwich, so I wanted to follow up on the Good Counsel Network.

The Blessed Sacrament is exposed in the basement chapel during the day and constant prayer is offered up as a part of their work while others are upstairs counselling and giving women the opportunity to keep their child rather than have an abortion. A recent development is that they now have a scanner which makes it possible for mothers to see that their baby is in fact a baby and not a blob of jelly.

Their success rate in saving the lives of unborn children is phenomenal. Very many mothers and children have lifelong gratitude for the help and support that they received at a difficult time. This continues after the birth of the baby with help finding accommodation, baby clothes, buggies and other things. So your kind donations would be most welcome...

(To donate, you can go to the Donations page. This offers you the choice of donating by PayPal, by credit/debit card at the Justgiving website, or by sending a cheque in the post. (Could I gently suggest that readers from outside the UK donate online rather than by sending a cheque since UK banks charge a considerable fee for clearing foreign cheques.) If you are a UK taxpayer, you can send in a Gift Aid Declaration which can be downloaded from the Donations page. If you would like to send a baby thing, there is an Amazon wish list from which you can make a choice.)

I always stay for a cup of tea afterwards. Being at the heart of a major spiritual battle, the workers at the Good Counsel are keenly aware of the importance of the spiritual support they receive. There are amazing stories of young women who had been absolutely dead set on abortion who suddenly and inexplicably change their mind. Inexplicably that is, until it is discovered that someone in the chapel there or elsewhere decided to say the Rosary at exactly that time.

So as well as your kind donations, do consider saying the Rosary for the unborn. Your act of piety may bring grace to a mother and preserve life for a child.

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