Forthcoming events

Family of Faith UK Conference. 13 August 2011 9.30am. Westminster Cathedral Hall. With Steve Ray, former Protestant Evangelist, now Catholic. (Tickets £10 advance £15 at door)

Latin Mass Society Walking Pilgrimage to Walsingham. 26-28 August. From Ely to Walsingham. Masses according to the usus antiquior. (£60 non-members; £50 members; £30 under 18 (with family group) & students.)

Anscombe Bioethics Centre. Thursday 8 September. Corpus Christi College, Oxford. (£110)
Human embryo research: Law, policy and practice

Sung Mass (Victoria's Quam Pulchri Sunt, in recognition of the 400th anniversary of his death.) Douai Abbey. Saturday 10 September 11am. Followed by Marian Procession around the grounds of the Abbey.

Catholic Boogie Night. Saturday 8 October. St Augustine's Social club, 55 Fulham Palace Rd, Hammersmith. (Tickets £5 advance £10 at door) Mass or Adoration before the boogie.

This is a new type of post. I'll try to do posts like this from time to time so that more people do get to hear about the excellent initiatives that are undertaken by good Catholics.

I receive many requests from people wishing to publicise events and I do want to help. However they can sometimes be a bit time-consuming. The most helpful thing (and the most effective way to get your event on a blog) is to send a short email with the essential information: Title, Date, Time, Place, and ... LINK.

(Sometimes I receive earnest requests to publicise an event when it has not been publicised on the website of the organisation concerned!)

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