Heartbreaking reportage of Sacred Heart Limerick

A few years ago, I reported on how the Church of the Sacred Heart in Limerick was to become a spa and leisure centre. Sadly, the developer who purchased the Church has taken his own life (please remember him in your prayers) and the Church is once again on the market. It sold for 4 million euros in 2006 but will now go for very much less than that - about 800,000  to 1 million is the current guess. The estate agents suggest that:
Property may lend itself to many uses such as Library / Museum /Leisure Centre / Bar / Restaurant - (subject to the necessary Planning Permission).
The reportage slideshow in the video above is by Michael O'Brien. He asked for permission to do the photo shoot in order to preserve images of this beautiful Church for posterity in case it is made into a bar or restaurant.

It would be wonderful if the Institute of Christ the King were able to raise funds to buy it instead. At 03:37 in the video there is an old picture of the Church with two angels on the altar, adoring the Blessed Sacrament. I heard that these were purchased from the previous developer by the Travellers. I'm glad about that since it means that they will be cared for and treated with reverence. And possibly, with a little friendly negotiation, they could be bought back if the Church were restored to sacred worship.

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