Fr Briggs's silver jubilee

Fr Ray Blake has posted the above photo of the crowds making their way to the silver jubilee Mass of Fr Charles Briggs. On closer inspection, I think the ground looks a bit rougher than Chislehurst Common. In due course, there will be some other photos and I will check them carefully.

Seriously, it was a great occasion: solemn High Mass of the Holy Ghost with the Byrd 4-part setting, a couple of dozen priests in choir and a packed Church. Archbishop Kevin MacDonald preached well on the meaning of the priesthood. There was a fine reception at Camden House, currently the home of the Chislehurst Golf Club but formerly home to Napoleon III and the Empress Eugénie.

There will be some photos of the Mass online in due course - today I was back at Woldingham to listen to Fr Anthony Doe, the guest speaker at the Faith Summer Session, who gave a helpful and profound introduction for the young people on the nature of contemplative prayer.

Tomorrow morning we have Professor Tom Pink speaking on Love and Life.

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