Michael Voris: Madrid and London

Everyone who is not an active follower of the Catholic blogosphere seems to know the one mainstream news item about the World Youth Day: there was a protest and the excuse for the protest was the cost of the visit. Michael Voris deals with it quite well. I would add that this demonstrates the values of the mainstream media which focusses on a protest by 150 people (a generous estimate) as opposed to the faith of the million or so who are gathering for the Pope's visit. (And in fact, the visit will cost the Spanish government nothing, but will bring in around 100 million euro to the Spanish economy.)

As I mentioned in June, Michael Voris is coming to London next Wednesday 24 August. I'm disappointed that I won't be able to get there myself, as I am away. If you are in reach of London, this promises to be an entertaining and inspiring event. You don't have to agree with everything Michael Voris says, or the way he says it - he's a guy open to debate and discussion.

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