Fr Z under attack

Every now and then, I get a phone call or an email (usually without malice) asking about the canonical status of Fr Zuhlsdorf. I am able to assure people the he is in good standing. He is a priest incardinated in the Diocese of Velletri, with faculties from the diocese, and working outside the diocese with permission from his bishop, engaging in an apostolate of writing and speaking (as well as working on a doctorate.) He lives simply and relies on donations from people. (If you want to support him, go to his blog and you can leave a donation via the paypal button near the top of his sidebar.)

This is a fairly tough situation for a priest to be in, and Father is careful to seek the support of fellow priests (and a few friendly bishops who are grateful on their part for his support of them.) His online apostolate has brought great consolation to many Catholics and has been of significant help in promoting Pope Benedict's programme of reform and renewal in the Church. His comment is balanced, orthodox, reliable and absolutely loyal to the Holy See.

Now he is Waiting for Zagano who has been planning a hatchet piece on him for the National Catholic Reporter and trying to dig up dirt on him. The National Catholic Reporter is an influential mouthpiece for liberal Catholicism in the US, and Fr Z is a major opponent of their project. So it is not surprising that they should go after him, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this will backfire on the National Catholic Reporter. William Oddie has written an article for the Catholic Herald: Is the National Catholic Reporter (aka Fishwrap) out to get Fr Z? If so, they would be wise to think again. I don't suppose they will think again, and they probably will fire off the first salvo. So, as in Master and Commander, "We shall beat to quarters!"

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