Fr Gregory Carling ordained at Parkminster

Parkminster 005

Congratulations to Fr Gregory Carling who was ordained today at St Hugh's Charterhouse, Parkminster. This is the first ordination at Parkminster for many years. God willing there will be some more ordinations and solemn professions over the next few years.

Parkminster 013The local Ordinary, Bishop Kieran Conry, celebrated the Mass, assisted by Bishop Richard Moth, a long-time friend of the Charterhouse. There were more than a dozen others concelebrating: it was rather a tight squeeze on the small sanctuary of the extern chapel. The plainchant was a trap for unwary priests accustomed to the Roman chant. The Carthusian chant is sometimes quite similar but you can be caught out by minor differences.

After Mass, there was a reception in the external guest house and time to chat until a lunch held for the bishops, and a few close family and friends. It was great to catch up with the three monks who had come from Pluscarden - Fr Gregory had been a member of their community before joining the Carthusians. Lunch ended with a small glass of Green Chartreuse: you only need a small glass.

In the afternoon, I gave my usual lecture to the novices and simply professed (today's session was on the Church as Communion.) Vespers was followed by Fr Gregory's blessing of the community, given in the Chapter House with its striking paintings of the martyrdom of the Carthusians under Henry VIII.


The novice master will be sending me a file of the booklet that was used for the Mass: I told him that chant afficionados would be most interested.

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