Philosophy and table football

Professor Tom Pink spoke at the Faith Movement Summer Session this morning on the culture of death and its assumptions about human nature. As a philosopher used to teaching undergraduates, he managed to deal with some complex ideas in an intelligible manner, presenting the principles that Catholics need to understand in order to combat arguments used in the public square. He was devastating on the use made of "quality of life" in order to decide that someone should be killed.

After some discussion, I took the "official" photos of the various groups who were at the Conference. I hope to upload these to Flickr later today. The above photo shows most of those who have been present for the week.

We are always keen for priests to visit. Fr Michael Cahill, of the Diocese of Meath in Ireland, is on holiday in  London for two weeks and I drove him down to Woldingham yesterday.

The conference is not all lectures: there is time for relaxation. Here, Fr Stephen Brown, an expert canonist of the Leeds Diocese is contemplating the spiritual dimension of the canons on alienation.

The sports facilities at Woldingham are used to the full by the young people. This includes some of the indoor facilities:

Unfortunately today it is pouring with rain after having been impossibly hot yesterday. It is a tribute to the spirit of the young people that they improvise to continue enjoying the week. Football will be taking place in the gym this afternoon.

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