Evangelisation document and a new source

Looking around this evening to see whether the CDF Doctrinal Note on Evangelisaiton was available in a more helpful form than a page image pdf, I followed Rorate Caeli's link to the text on Papal Encyclicals Online. this is a good looking site with a well-organised directory of magisterial documents (with much more than just papal encyclicals).

This was a site I have not seen before, at least in its present form. the "About this site" section was an interesting read. Most of the documents were originally on the Catholic Resources Network (CRNET) which became EWTN online. I remember the great pioneering work of CRNET and I think I gave them some small financial support in the early days. It reminds me of the time that I announced with some excitement in my "Faith Online" column that the Vatican now had a website...

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