Just what "Feast" is that, exactly

"Typical man", I needed to buy some Christmas presents today as I have not got round to putting in an order on Amazon. So I went up to town after hearing confessions this morning to get some good books that I hope my immediate family will like. I also got some chocolate just in case they don't like them.

It was quite spooky visiting London the day before Christmas. Everywhere I went, people were talking about some "Festive season". On the tube, canned announcements advised us at regular intervals to look at the "Festive Travel" leaflet. In MacDonalds, I was going to order the "Festive Wrap" from the "Festive Menu" and ask what it was all about, but thought better of it.

Then a nice young African lady behind the counter greeted me with "Happy Christmas". I thanked her and asked what this "Festival" was that everyone seemed to be talking about. I'm not sure if I went a bit far when I added that Christianity was the only religion that nobody is allowed to mention in Britain today.

On my way home, I got a few things at Sainsburys and popped into Coment since it was next door and I could pick up a couple of peripherals (mouse & speakers) cheaply. I was amused to see that a whole section of the store was labelled "USA Style Fridge Freezers". According to Comet, it is "USA style" to have a six foot tall fridge freezer in tasteful grey. I'd be interested to hear what you guys across the pond think about that ;-)

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