New Carthusian CD

Many thanks to Thomas from the Netherlands for news of a CD just published in France with the entire Carthusian Night Office from La Grande Chartreuse, recorded by Philip Groening. Here is a link to the CD at the French Amazon site. (I have just ordered it - the site accepted my UK Amazon email and password.)

At Parkminster on Monday, the Novice Master invited me again to the Christmas party which takes place on St Stephen's Day. I will take my camera. They record my lectures on a cassette recorder but cassettes are now becoming scarce so they are looking at upgrading. I suggested a digital recorder and mp3 players which are now quite cheap. This week we tried out my digital recorder and they have borrowed it to transfer the mp3 file to a computer. I'm going to ask if it will be all right for me one week to record the Salve Regina. The Carthusian version is similar to the solemn Salve in the Roman liturgy but there are one or two differences which will be of interest.

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