"To Heal the Broken Hearted"

The other day, the Passionist Publishers Ovada Books sent me a copy of "To Heal the Broken Hearted. The Life of Saint Charles of Mount Argus." St Charles was canonised a year ago by Pope Benedict and this is a new edition of the book by Paul Francis Spencer CP. I confess that I did not know about St Charles before and I look forward to reading the book as soon as I have finished the life of St Gemma Galgani which is occupying my attention at the moment.

The Vatican website has a summary of his life. Other sources of information include the website of the Passionists of Mount Argus and the blog Laus Crucis has a number of links to material on St Charles in the sidebar.

"To Heal the Broken Hearted" is available to read online which is, in my view, an excellent idea - I am sure this will increase, rather than compete with sales of the book and, in any case, it will help to make St Charles better known. The printed book is available (£9.50 or 13.95 euros) from:

Ovada Books
Saint Mungo's Retreat
52 Parson Street
G4 0RX
0141 552 5523

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