Kathy's Real Story

Many people have heard of Kathy's Story, "The True Story of a Childhood Hell Inside Ireland's Magdalen Laundries" which alleged that she was abused by her father, experimented upon in a psychiatric hospital, raped by priests and then slammed up in a Magdalene Laundry where she had a baby at 14. Investigative journalist, Hermann Kelly has now written Kathy's Real Story which claims to cast light on the "destructive culture of false allegations hurting innocent people in Ireland." The publisher's information continues:
This book examines some of the most notorious accusations against lay and religious people in both Ireland and Britain, and explores if they stand up to close scrutiny and police investigation; it also looks at what effect a €1bn Government compensation scheme has had. The book rounds off with a quick-paced ride through global best-sellers which have turned out to be literary frauds.
Well I'll certainly want to read a copy of that.

Hat tip to Credo, Catholic Journal - a good and sound Irish Catholic blog that I had not seen before. Good to have Ireland on the blogroll!

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