Celebrating the Immaculate Conception

This morning, Dominic received his first Holy Communion at the parish's weekly Classical Rite Low Mass. Following that, we had, as per our usual schedule, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament with confessions. Confessions went on quite a bit today so we started a little late with Mac's renewal of private vows. Mingled with all of this were the first arrivals for the Faith Family Day which my sister organised.

Hence, the afternoon was taken up with three celebrations simultaneously but since there was quite a lot of overlap among the guests, it was all a very jolly bash across the two halls on our site.

In the afternoon, I gave a little talk to the children at the Family Day, followed by a talk to the parents. They asked me to talk about Vocations so I spoke a little about the complementary vocations of marriage and priesthood, followed by some practical advice on responding to a son's possible priestly vocation, and how a good Catholic family life provides the environment where a priestly vocation will most naturally flourish.

Everything was running a little late so by the time we had finished the Rosary at the end of the Family Day, it was time for the evening confessions. I'm glad to say that these ran over time too so there was not much space before the evening Mass. This week I have chosen to take up one or two of the themes of Pope Benedict's encyclical Spe Salvi in relation to the preaching of St John the Baptist.

Because of all this activity in the parish, it was impossible for me to attend the Solemn High Mass celebrated at St George's Cathedral. Here is one from a collection of photos of the Mass.

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