Ten ideas for Advent

I put this list in my parish newsletter this week. I expect that for many of you, they will already be part and parcel of your way of life. I was going to preach about this but then remembered that we had to read a Pastoral Letter.

Here are some ideas for observing the season of Advent in preparation for the feast of our Saviour’s birth:

1. Go to Confession
2. Have some daily family prayers
3. Buy Christmas cards that portray a scene from the Nativity of Christ.
4. Say a Hail Mary when opening each window in the Advent calendar
5. Display a Christmas crib prominently in your home
6. Remind children that Christmas presents are gifts to show our love, not rights that we demand
7. Make a generous donation to a good charity
8. Visit someone who would appreciate a little of your time
9. Go to Benediction at least once to adore Our Lord
10. Read a good CTS pamphlet or one of the Holy Father’s sermons on the internet

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