"BibliaClerus" from the Congregation for the Clergy

The Congregation for the clergy has a good collection of documents available on its website and has an email news service (low traffic) to advise of updates. The latest one came the other day with a letter from Cardinal Hummes. I think that this is a great way for the Vatican to use IT to assist priests and have written to thank the good Cardinal.
Vatican, on the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception

Dear Priests, Deacons and Catechists:

The Congregation for the Clergy, always attentive to your present needs in the field of formation, wants to introduce to you its new IT services as a further assistance in the ministerial and catechetical tasks.

Besides the usual themes that - since that day of the solemnity of Our Immaulate Mother of 1997 – were always present in the web, in the “Clerus.org” site (www.clerus.org) we have now decided to expand the electronic library, which represents for all of you a valuable means for studying and preaching. You will also realise that, through the mail service, inscription to the Dicastery’s ‘database’ allows direct reception of the documents issued by the Holy See and, more specifically, those produced by the Congregation.

But the novelty I have the pleasure to offer you is the opening of a new Web page “BibliaClerus” (www.bibliaclerus.org), which presents, in Web format, a service which had made its appearance two years ago in CD Rom format, containing a multilingual presentation of the Bible (Hebrew, Greek, Latín, Italian, Spanish, English, French, German, and Portuguese), enriched with the interpretation – verse-by-verse – of Tradition and the Magisterium, with fruits and anthologies of theology, spirituality, and liturgy. In this Bible you can find the liturgy daily readings with the commentary of the Holy Fathers.

Both Web pages (www.clerus.org and www.bibliaclerus.org), signed by our Congregation, have been recorded in two CDs which have reached more than 140,000 priests and deacons in the five Continents, while waiting for a greater number to benefit from this Dicastery’s IT system.

I heartily offer you this humble piece of work. Asking the Immaculate Virgin for abundant fruits in your ministerial and catechetical service, receive the affection of one for whom you are always present and who blesses you in the Lord.

Cláudio Card. Hummes

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