New edition of Pope Benedict's works

Early 2008 will see the beginning of a series of the complete works of Pope Benedict. The series editor is Gerhard Ludwig Müller, and the first volume will be "The Spirit of the Liturgy"

The website of the Diocese of Regensburg carries an article including this sentence:
The edition begins, as wished by the Pope, with contributions on the Liturgy, since this "is characteristic for my thinking", wrote Pope Benedict in a letter to Bishop Gerhard Ludwig.
The German of the papal quotation reads "für mein Denken bezeichnend ist" and I wonder whether if there is a better way to translate this? (distinctive, typical...?) My German is not good enough to judge.

I heard it said in Rome that Pope Benedict does see the Liturgy as central to his programme of reform. Or as some bloggers (e.g. Gerald Augustinus at the Cafeteria is Closed have put it succinctly, "save the liturgy, save the world."

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