Vatican still believes the gospel, Pope still Catholic etc.

The Vatican has announced that the creche in St Peter's will show Jesus at home in Nazareth rather than the customary Bethlehem scene. This is commented on in a not very good article in the Telegraph which presents it as a sort of policy change. (See: Vatican nativity does away with the manger) The article also makes the odd claim that "it is Matthew's gospel which forms the basis for the Angelus prayer."

Fr Bosco at the New Zealand Liturgy site has written a good critique of this coverage. (See: Vatican has Jesus born in Nazareth?) As he says,
[...] the Vatican is certainly not shifting Jesus’ birthplace from Bethlehem to Nazareth. It is shifting from imagery drawn primarily from St. Luke’s Gospel to this year presenting imagery drawn primarily from St. Matthew’s Gospel.
As Corporal Jones would say, "Don't panic! Don't panic!"

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