Black pro-lifers on Obama

The US Catholic paper, the Catholic Register, has an important article on Black Pro-Lifers' Joy and Pain.

Arnold Culbreath, urban outreach director for Protecting Black Life in Cincinnati pointed out that
"abortion remains the leading cause of death in the black community. With President-elect Obama being as aggressively pro-abortion as he is, that makes our work more urgent and necessary."
Culbreath continued,
"People don't realize that abortion has killed more blacks than the Ku Klux Klan ever lynched."
Culbreath noted that blacks have traditionally supported the Democratic Party, but that by doing so, they’ve been forced to go along with a host of other issues that they don't agree with, such as abortion and the redefinition of marriage.
"They've had to take the bitter with the sweet, not realizing the Pandora's box that has been opened,"
In the UK, the mainstream media have been cheerleaders for Obama and many good people have been carried along with the wave of enthusiasm. Now would be a good time to read Michael O'Brien's Father Elijah.

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