New old breviaries

The German publishing house Nova et Vetera has announced the printing of its new edition of the "1962" breviary (it follows the rubrical changes made by Bl Pope Jiohn XXIII in 1960). As you can see from the above photo, the book has been made light and thin with a flexible leather cover. The website describes many of the features of the physical make-up of the book and it is very impressive.

The book has been completely reset and has been checked many times for errors. Here is a photo of one pair of pages, showing the typesetting used. This is a screen grab from the pdf - the pages in the actual books will have rounded corners as necessary for the ultra thin (28 gsm) paper.

The breviary is expected to be available from the end of November. You can pre-order it now from Breviarium Romanum. the cost for the two volumes is 198 euro which comes out at £156 on the present exchange rate.


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