Jamie Carragher

The Torch of Faith blog quotes a passage from the book by Jamie Carragher, Liverpool FC Vice-Captain and European Cup Winner (H/T Southwark Vocations):
My book of Revelations begins with the most dramatic:
if my mum hadn't been a Roman Catholic,
I might have been aborted.
Paula Carragher was given the option of a termination
due to complications halfway through her pregnancy.
She was told I had spina-bifida- a birth defect that affects
the spinal cord. She was too religious to consider abortion,
no matter how disabled I'd be.
'Our Lord told me to have the baby', she still claims.
She's the rock on which my family is built.
I owe everything to that decision
she took thirty years ago'.
God bless Jamie's mum for having the courage to ignore the pressure to terminate her pregnancy and thank God for the reward of being able to take pride in her son as a world class footballer.

Many mother have told me that they were given a horrendous diagnosis for their child only to find out later that this was entirely spurious. I wonder how many babies have been killed because of this kind of mistake?

Of course, even if a child is disabled, that is no reason to kill the baby. To begin with, it is a difficult thing to face but disabled children bring much joy to their parents, brothers, sisters and the wider community. Prenatal Partners for Life offer great support and encouragement.

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