A new book for priests on Confession

Fr Michael Woodgate, who teaches at St John's Seminary, Wonersh, has written a good book called "A Priest's Guide to Hearing Confessions". it is intended as a modern equivalent of the classic manuals for confessors and it succeeds in offering a doctrinally sound and practically helpful guide. It will be especially helpful for the newly ordained priest but as with all such books, it is important for those of us ordained some time to remind ourselves of the basics and to listen to what other wise priests have to say.

As well as dealing with basic such as the matter for confession and the qualities required in the minister, the seal, and approaches to different types of penitent, Father gives a useful summary concerning censures and penalties and their absolution. A most useful book for any priest.

A Priest's Guide to Hearing Confessions can be ordered from the CTS, price £9.95 (140 pages, hardback.)

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