A policeman's lot is not an 'appy one

I have only just heard about the story of PC Graham Cogman who has taken Norfolk Police to an employment tribunal on grounds of harassment because of his traditional Christian values. During Gay History Month, gay liaison officers at the Great Yarmouth HQ put pressure on colleagues to wear a pink ribbon. PC Cogman sent an email round to state his Christian views and remind other officers that Christians, and other members of society, whom they serve as officers, believed homosexual acts to be wrong in God’s eyes.

For this, he was banned from using the internal email system. When the same thing happened a year later, he was summoned to a disciplinary hearing. Advised by his lawyers, and fearing to lose his job, he pleaded guilty to a breach of the police code of practice and was fined the maximum, £1,200.

After putting a christian text on his computer screen saver, he was questioned again and now faces the possibility of losing his job. Hence his action for harrassment.

Thanks to the Christian Legal Centre. See: Police officer discriminated against for traditional beliefs

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