Catholic MPs voting for HFE bill

A priest correspondent has looked up the list of Catholic MPs in the Catholic Directory and compared it to the list of those voting in favour of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill at third reading. The result makes one wonder whether it is worth bothering to include a list of Catholic MPs in the Directory if so many of them are going to vote in favour of hybrid embryos and embryo experimentation.

The following voted for the Bill:

1) Des Browne
2) Andy Burnham
3) David Cairns
4) Rosie Cooper
5) Paul Goggins
6) Meg Hillier
7) Huw Irranca-Davies
8) Helen Jones
9) Barbara Keeley
10) Peter Kilfoyle
11) Thomas McAvoy
12) Pat McFadden
13) Anne McGuire
14) Ann McKechin
15) Jim Murphy
16) Paul Murphy (Papal Knight)
17) Mike O'Brien
18) Chris Ruane
19) Helen Southworth
20) Don Touhig (Papal Knight)

The list does not include those who abstained.

(Here is a link to the relevant page in Hansard)

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