Nourishing the faith

A couple of weeks ago, I received a wonderful parcel from Papa Stronsay Redemptorists - a copy of the newspaper "Catholic" and a number of books that the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer send out. the paper is 28 pages, A3 sized, and packed full of good articles.

The books are amazing - 170 pages, printed slightly smaller than A4 size, on newspaper so that they can be printed and sent out with minimum cost. The latest is "Trench Priest", about Fr William Doyle (I wrote about him recently). They also sent me:

"Silent Night", the Transalpine Redemptorist Christmas book with carols in Latin, English and various other languages

"Good Philip", the life of St Philip Neri by Alfonso Cardinal Capecelatro di Castelpagano

"Mid Snow and Ice", about the apostles of Northwest America by Fr Pierre Douchassous OMI

"The Sign of the Cross", a series of letters from Mgr Jean-Joseph Gaume about the Sign of the Cross to a student who had been ridiculed for making it. The book occasioned the granting of an indulgence by Blessed Pope Pius IX for making the Sign of the Cross.

"Catechism of Perseverance" by the same author.

"The Year of Our Lord Jesus Christ 2008", an extensive liturgical calendar with a translation of the Roman Martyrology for each day,

The postman delivered the parcel just as I was on my way to the parish hall for a social and fundraising event in the parish. I was so delighted by these lovely books that I took them over to the hall to show parishioners. I will be ordering some copies of "Catholic" for my parishioners to buy, together with some of the books. (The paper is £10 per year - 4 issues, and the books are £3.50 each. You can order at the blog or download an order form.)

The latest post on the Papa Stronsay blog is Submission to Peter is the right way to go and offers an invitation:
We invite any priest who wants to consider being reconciled to the Holy See, to stay on Papa Stronsay for as long as he wants, anonymously and with no strings attached.

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