Little Oratory Children's Pilgrimage

The family group at London's Little Oratory will be having a pilgrimage on Saturday 27 June at St Edmund's College in Hertfordshire. There will be Mass at 10.30am, followed by a picnic and the pilgrimage itself in the surrounding countryside. Children and pushchairs are most welcome.

Father Nicolas du Chaxel, will be taking part, so that talks and confessions can be in both French and English.

There will be a beautiful Mass, lots of chant and singing, the Rosary, a wonderful walk, a delicious picnic and plenty of children running all around so do go along for a lovely day.

The next Traditional Sunday Mass for children in the Little Oratory will be on Sunday 21 June at the usual time of 11.15 am. At this Mass, there will be five first communions from the French community. At Mass, the children and their parents are warmly encouraged to join in with the hymns, chant and responses and even to sing twice in French!

Exceptionally, there will be no rehearsal of the Communion hymn in St Joseph's Hall as the French children are going to sing “Le chant de la Promesse”.

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