Via Twitter

A few days ago, I googled something along the lines of "what use is twitter" and found, as I thought, that it is one of those things that seem a bit pointless but have unexpected power - rather like email, really, as I remember explaining to a senior ecclesiastic some years ago. So I made up my mind to get myself on Twitter as soon as I had a spare moment.

Then the last night, I was looking through my site meter "incoming"; the enhanced version has a useful page of referring web pages ranked by visits and every so often have a quick glance over the first three pages. It takes very little time and often brings up interesting links. For the first time, there was a Twitter link on the first page: Gillibrand's, in fact (he of the blog Catholic Church Conservation which some days can be labelled almost in its entirety as "laugh or cry"). It was there that I found the now famous "doner kebab" eucharist. Gillibrand had put up a tweet about my post with "And finally... Linz". On his Twitter page, I also found a good article about blogging by Damian Thompson in today's Telegraph: NightJack: When the blogging biter's bit.

Time is not something I have in any great spare supply so if Twitter is to be useful, it will have to be a way of short-cutting things that I already do, and finding good stuff faster and more efficiently. I think it may be worth a try: it seems to be having quite an effect in Iran at the moment ...


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