Pontifical High Mass at Westminster

Last Saturday the Latin Mass Society held its AGM, followed by Pontifical High Mass at Westminster Cathedral. The celebrant was Bishop John Arnold, auxiliary bishop in Westminster, Assistant Priest was Fr Andrew Wadsworth, Deacon was Rev Alan MacDole of the North American College in Rome, and Subdeacon was Fr Martin Edwards.

Here are some more photos from the Mass:

For some time, now, the Cathedral authorities have kindly allowed the LMS to remove the demountable forward-facing altar for their Masses. It seems that this altar has now gone for good and the staging has also been removed so that there is an unimpeded view of the sanctuary as Bentley designed it, with the High Altar visible in all its splendour without distractions.

Below you can see the incensation at the beginning of the Gospel. You may notice that some of the servers are quite young. I'm proud to say that several of the lads from Blackfen parish were allowed to serve at the Mass.

Here is a picture of the Blackfen contingent with Bishop Arnold and the sacred ministers in the sacristy after Mass:

PHOTO CREDITS: 1st 4 photos above from Joseph Shaw's photostream on flickr. Last photo from the LMS.

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