Worldwide Twitter campaign for vocations

The Archbishop of Utrecht, Willem Jacobus Eijk, is on Twitter and, with the assistance of one of his priests, Fr Roderick, has launched the Worldwide Twitter campaign for vocations. If you wish to participate, the simple instructions are:
1 - Choose a day and pray specifically for future priests (they have a link for 140 character prayers in several languages).

2 - Post a Tweet that you are praying for vocations and invite your Twitter followers to do the same. Use #futurepriests in your Tweet so we can assemble all messages related to the campaign on this website.
the "#futurepriests" thing is to add a tag to all the posts so that they can be assembled. Sadly, but not surprisingly, some people have posted silly or nasty messages using the tag so if you are on Twitter go over and post sensible and prayerful messages. (They'll get tired soon enough.)

Take a look also at the dedicated portal set up by the Congregation for the Clergy, Annus Sacerdotalis.

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