ACN Pilgrimage to Walsingham


Aid to the Church in Need are running a Pilgrimage to Walsingham which you may like to join. Walsingham is a great place of devotion, steeped in Catholic history and it is always worth visiting, especially on a spiritual exercise: and ACN are an excellent group to go with. Here are the details:
Aid to the Church in Need UK
Annual Walsingham Pilgrimage of Hope
Saturday, 30th April 2010

Please join us as Aid to the Church in Need remembers suffering Christians around the world with our 2011 Pilgrimage to the Roman Catholic National Shrine in Walsingham.

ACN is organising coaches from London Victoria, Bressenden Place, departing at 08:00. Should parishioners wish to join us at Walsingham, travelling independently or, perhaps, organising coaches from their locality they are very welcome to do so.

For those who would like to join us on this Pilgrimage and would like more information a brochure and booking form is downloadable from the ACN website. You could also contact us on 020 8642 8668

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