Beyond Pink Ribbon Blues

Gayle Sulik has criticised the manipulative and ineffective “awareness” campaign against breast cancer in her book Pink Ribbon Blues. She points to the fact that the campaign has done virtually nothing to lower the incidence of breast cancer. Matt Hanley recognises her valuable contribution but points out that she also has a blind spot (see: Pink Ribbons & the Mother of all Causes.) He says:
Had she dug deeper, she would have had to acknowledge a “cause” far more alluring and destructive – a “cause” which has contributed mightily to the tremendous rise in breast cancer over the past several decades: the “liberation” promised by the sexual revolution. This alleged “liberation” requires the radical disruption of natural biological processes which in turn imperil breast tissue, so it can only be out of deference to that supreme cause that she utterly fails to specify, let alone stress, three of the most protective things a woman can do to reduce breast cancer risk: have children earlier in life, refrain from artificial contraception, and avoid induced abortions.
In the logic-free zone of secular society, some people will doubtless cry angrily that Matt Hanley is "blaming" women for having breast cancer. So let me subvert that inevitable attempt at politically correct emotional blackmail. He is not blaming women for having breast cancer. He is blaming the culture which refuses to allow any critical assessment of its sexual revolution which has caused so much harm physically, emotionally, and spiritually to those who have been manipulated into accepting its dogma without question.

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