Family Planning Official murder in China

Women's Rights Without Frontiers has published the story of the murder of Mr Xu Shuaishuai by a Family Planning Official in China.

The report tells of how the Family Planning Officials were looking for Mr Xu's sister so that she could be taken for forced sterilisation. Since they could not find her, they started beating up the Father of the family. Mr Xu tried to intervene and was stabbed in the heart twice with a long knife by one of the Family Planning Officials. He died on the way to hospital.

The Chinese website reports that "The murderer is still enjoying his freedom as though nothing had happened." Attempts to gain justice from the local Public Security Bureau or to publicise the event in the local media met with excuses and inaction.

The Women's Rights Without Frontiers report makes the pertinent observation:
The fact that no action is being taken against the family planning murderer demonstrates one of two things: either the Chinese Communist Party sanctions murder to enforce its One Child Policy, or the CCP has lost control of its Family Planning Officials and is unable to bring the murderer to justice.
To allow such atrocities to go unpunished brings shame and loss of face to the hard-working and genuinely patriotic people of China. The authorities themselves show a lack of concern for their people by failing to summon up the moral courage to deal effectively with this lawlessness and repression. Please pray earnestly to Our Lady of China for all people of goodwill in that wonderful country.


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