Help Fr Byers get a decent chain saw

My good friend Fr George Byers has entered the eremitical life after a time of discernment with his spiritual director, his superior and the local Bishop. He will be dedicated to the sanctification of his fellow bishops and priests in the purgatory of this life and the next.

I met Fr Byers in Lourdes where he was a chaplain for a time. A few years ago I hauled him away from his coffee to accompany me to a Multicultural Youth Mass at Lourdes at which I took some nice photos and video footage.

In setting up the hermitage on the Blue Ridge Mountains, Fr Byers has found that his "suburbanite chainsaw geared to cutting little branches off cherry trees in the back garden" is not the proper grade for slicing up tree trunks for year-round heating and washing stuff.

So you can go buy him a decent chainsaw or, if you prefer, send some Mass stipends for the intentions of the Holy Father. Go over to the Holy Souls Hermitage. And please pray for Fr Byers in his new life of prayer and sacrifice.

H/T Mulier Fortis who has also hunted down the essential video which details the extent of the knowledge of most English people concerning the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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