Good Counsel Network's welcome but worrying problem

The Good Counsel Network offer abortion-bound women alternatives and practical support. Their rate of success is good, but this has now created a problem: the number of women that they are seeing has increased five-fold but the increase in financial support does not match this.

There are currently 23 women who depend on the Good Counsel Network for food, and nine are being housed by them; this gives some idea of the need. Most of the women are able to return to independence after a year of so but some are in urgent need. You can read more at the Good Counsel's blog Maria Stops Abortion: see the post Five-fold Increase in Women Coming to Good Counsel - Help Us Feed and House Mothers and Babies Today

To donate, you can go to the Donations page. This offers you the choice of donating by PayPal, by credit/debit card at the Justgiving website, or by sending a cheque in the post. (Could I gently suggest that readers from outside the UK donate online rather than by sending a cheque since UK banks charge a considerable fee for clearing foreign cheques.) If you are a UK taxpayer, you can send in a Gift Aid Declaration which can be downloaded from the Donations page.

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