St Augustine Week at Ramsgate

St Augustine's Church in Ramsgate was Augustus Welby Pugin's ideal Church, constructed according to his "true principles of Christian architecture." Pugin is buried there and the Church stands as a monument to the arrival of St Augustine in Thanet in 597 after being sent by Pope St Gregory the Great.

Fr Marcus Holden is the parish priest of Ramsgate. As well as the Church of St Ethelbert and Gertrude, he is also responsible for the Church of St Augustine which was, until recently, the Church for the adjacent Benedictine Abbey. (The Benedictines have now moved.) He has launched an appeal for the restoration and repair of St Augustine's and founded the Friends of St Augustine's Church.

22-27 May will be St Augustine week, with a Public Lecture by Catriona Baker of the Pugin Society and other education and spiritual events, concluding with a solemn High Mass in the Church celebrated according to the usus antiquior. Here is the poster for St Augustine Week:

St Augustine's week

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