Usus Antiquior in Groningen Cathedral

The NLM reported recently on the celebration of the Usus Antiquior in Groningen Cathedral.

In 2008, I visited Groningen Cathedral while on a trip to the Netherlands for the Catechetical Boot Camp. It struck me then, that the High Altar could easily be used for the usus antiquior since the versus populum altar could be moved without any trouble. This has now happened, and I was delighted to hear that the Mass had to be moved to the High Altar because of the numbers attending. I had an email the other day from Brother Hugo who said that I was "partly to blame" for all this :-) Warmest greetings to all my friends in the Netherlands. Congratulations on this splendid occasion.

You can see some more videos at Brother Hugh's blog and there is a report at In Caelo et in Terra. Here is a video with some of the powerful singing at the Mass:

(Sorry about the broken links for the photos on my earlier blog posts. I used to put photos on Facebook and link to them. Facebook has changed the links. Thanks a lot, Facebook!)

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