Answering Hard Questions

Know your questioner, where the question is coming from, and know some key principles for answering.

This afternoon I was at Amigo Hall, next to St George's Cathedral, for a Day for Catechists organised by the Diocesan Centre for Catholic Formation. I was leading workshop G on "Answering Hard Questions." The response for the day was much larger than anticipated, and my session had about 50 people. There is a real thirst for formation and it was great to be able to play a small part in the day.

I did not have enough copies of my notes, so I promised people that I would make them available on the internet this evening. Here is a link: Answering Hard Questions. If you click that link, you can read the notes online, download them, or print them off.

Again as promised, the references to resources on the fourth page of the printed notes can all be found with links at the post Hard Questions - Some Random References.

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