Savouring our history


Priceless maps from the archive, gory pictures of the execution of our martyrs, encouraging enthusiasm from future priests and most gracious hospitality from the Rector made for a splendid evening today at the Venerable English College

Mgr Nicholas Hudson (a fellow-student back in the day) made us welcome at supper and a tour of the Church at the English College. He also took out some of the most important items from the College Archive, including the Liber Ruber which records how St Ralph Sherwin, on being asked in the missionary oath whether he would return to England to give his life for the faith if necessary, said potius hodie quam cras - rather today than tomorrow.

We also pored over some 16th century maps that may well have been used by the martyrs to work out which routes to take when back in England and working under cover.

Much more to tell - and the Mulier Fortis has some good photos which will go on Flickr. Say a prayer for the students who are taking exams at the moment.

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