Let's sort out these Vatileaks


I like this picture of a streetsweeper in St Peter's Square with a reflection of the basilica in the windscreen. Fr Briggs, Mac, the Mulier Fortis and I are off to Gatwick in a few minutes to take an emergency flight to Rome to check on the Vatileaks scandal which has had a further development this morning.

Actually not really, this is holiday. We are staying at the Madri Pie (Via Alessandro III, 00165 Roma). Itinerary is not fixed but will probably include:
  • Mass early (7.20 ish) at St Peter's Tuesday
  • Centro Storico for shopping, lunch and visits to baroque Churches
  • Catch the end of the General Audience (from outside the barriers) Wednesday
  • Around Vatican, Borgo Pio etc. Wed lunchtime/early afternoon
  • Thursday as yet unconfirmed
I'll be online somehow, so if you want to meet up, email me and see if we can get together for a coffee or a beer, depending on the time of day.

Unfortunately I couldn't bring Big Stuart or Eddie to crack heads over the leaking of our beloved Pope Benedict's private papers. But if we hear anything, neither of them will be too pleased. Message: let the Holy Father do his job in peace.

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