SSPX leak and new VP for Ecclesia Dei


While I was enjoying the always interesting discussion and questions from my Carthusian students at Parkminster today, various news items were exploding far away from the peaceful environment of the massive cloister and gardens glorious in one of our better English summer days. We're doing eschatology at the moment and have just got to heaven.

There has been another serious leak (breach of trust) from someone within the SSPX wanting to make things difficult for Bishop Fellay. The letter is out on the internet - Rorate Caeli, after a delay, have included it on their blog since it is now in the public domain: For the record Confidentiality: like water through a sieve. The document, marked "Confidential" and "Internal" refers to the 13 June meeting and the revised preamble which Bishop Fellay was unable to sign (see also my post Nail-biting SSPX developments.)
The letter also contains this paragraph:
Furthermore, I inform all members of the Chapter that, in virtue of Canon 2331 § 1 and 2 (nc 1373), the Superior General has deprived Bp. Williamson from the position of capitulary due to his stand calling to rebellion and for continually repeated disobedience. He has also been forbidden to come to Écône for the ordinations.
Bishop Fellay has also postponed the ordinations of some religious associated with the Society in order to ensure the loyalty of the communities to which they belong.

While this is going on, Archbishop di Noia has been moved from the CDW to take up a new post as Vice-President of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei (the president ex officio is the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, so Archbishop di Noia will effectively head the day to day work of the Commission.) The Vatican Information Service has posted the text of a Note from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith which affirms:
The appointment of a high-ranking prelate to this position is a sign of the Holy Father’s pastoral solicitude for traditionalist Catholics in communion with the Holy See and his strong desire for the reconciliation of those traditionalist communities not in union with the See of Peter.
This seems a clear indication that the Holy See at least has not kicked the negotiations into the long grass. I do hope that Archbishop di Noia and Bishop Fellay can bring about a result.

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