Hard Questions - Some Random References

As I promised this afternoon, here are links to the resources that I mentioned as being of help for various hard questions.

These are only a few resources, almost at random. The internet also gives us access to many fine books that are now out of copyright. We are no longer helpless simply because we do not have access to a Catholic library. For example, the works of GK Chesterton, Blessed John Henry Newman and others can be downloaded, put on a Kindle, quoted and read from your desktop (or iPad.) e-book collections are growing all the time and you could probably find these works as e-books already prepared for you.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church (the go-to source for an authoritative explanation of the doctrines of the faith.)

News.va (get the texts, not the reportage)

Catholic Answers website (with apologetical materials and a good forum)

Fr Andrew Pinsent and Fr Marcus Holden “Apologia” (A substantial CTS pamphlet which deals expertly with many questions posed about religion in general and the Catholic faith in particular. This is an invaluable apologetical resource for us because it comes from a British, rather than a North American perspective.)

Pam Stenzl (gives classes to teenagers on chastity. She was conceived after her mother was raped, so is in a good position to answer that particular hard question.)

Janet Smith Why Humanae Vitae was Right (what it says on the tin)

Regine Pernoud Those Terrible Middle Ages!: Debunking the Myths (an amusing and scholarly answer to the prejudice common about the middle ages and particularly the Church.)

Peter Kreeft (a Catholic philosopher who makes sound philosophy accessible and addresses many aspects of confused thinking we may be faced with.)

Dawn Eden The Dawn patrol (Including links to “The Thrill of the Chaste” and other works. Dawn converted from an immoral lifestyle and does great work speaking courageously to the general public about chastity.)

Fr Robert Barron Word on Fire (“Catholicism” is a great resource for catechists and for parish programmes. Fr Barron also delivers regular short sermons posted on YouTube.)

This blog features some of my Catholic Dilemmas articles from the Catholic Herald. You could also check out Fr Zuhlsdorf's regular "Quaeritur" articles on his blog What Does the Prayer Really Say.

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