Just, like, a random altar

At about 7.30 this morning, the chierichetto took me along to the nearest free altar, set up the altar cards and put the missal on the epistle side (they are all familiar with the usus antiquior) put the cruets out and went on his way.

So I got on with celebrating Mass for the feast of Corpus Christi, especially enjoying the simple Latin and profound theology of the Lauda Sion.

At Rome, there is so much brilliant stuff that you can forget just how brilliant it is. The "nearest free altar" just happened to be the altar of St Gregory the Great, with his body underneath. You know, the guy who sent St Augustine to England, composed square notey tunes, wrote collects and all that. Said Mass there this morning. Wow!

Popped along to the tomb of St Peter after Mass to get another indulgence and remember you all. If the tomb of St Peter is just a few yards away, you should visit it, I think. Be rude not to.

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