Catechesis – it can be done

The other day, I had to do a little examination of a home educated girl who is soon to make her first Holy Communion. I entirely trust her parents to catechise her suitably but they felt that it would be good if I checked things out, so as to add the authority of the priesthood to her preparation. Naturally I agreed to this, though I knew that she would be well educated.

So we looked through her workbook and she explained the pictures she had drawn to illustrate the mystery of the Blessed Trinity, the difference between God, angels, men, animals, plants and minerals, the effect that sanctifying grace has on the soul, original sin, heaven, hell and purgatory, the distinction between mortal and venial sin, the effects of each of the seven sacraments – that sort of stuff.

I didn’t attempt to engage her on the Thomist-Scotist debate over whether the sacramental graces are distinct or whether they are all reducible to supernatural charity. After all, she is only 6 years old.

We. Can. Catechise. Children.

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