Genuinely healthy PSHE programme available

Alive to the World is a good PSHE programme that has been edited for use in English schools. I wrote about it a while back, quoting a group of parents who reviewed it for me ("Alive to the World": good PSHE programme).

The OFSTED report for the Westminster Cathedral Choir School described the PSHE as excellent. Now I know that many of us couldn't care too much about what ODSTED says, but headteachers have to. The fact that a school using Alive to the World was praised by OFSTED for its PSHE takes away one possible reason for schools resisting it.

Louise Kirk, UK Co-Ordinator of Alive to the World, recently gave a paper to a conference of priests at the Opus Dei house, Thorneycroft (Bishop Davies was in attendance.) She explained why PSHE is currently failing children and how it could instead become a vehicle to spread our Catholic values to children of all faiths and none. See:Let’s Start with the Children: Promoting Chastity and Marriage within the PSHE Curriculum. The paper makes various empirical claims for which some may wish to see supporting references. These may be found in Louise's Response to the Government's PSHE Consultation last year.

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