Sodality of the Five Holy Wounds pilgrimage to Ramsgate

Ramsgate 014

With the Sodality of the Five Holy Wounds I'll be going down to the Shrine of St Augustine at Ramsgate for a Pilgrimage this Friday. We start with Missa Cantata at 12noon. Full details at the Sodality blog.

Augustus Welby Pugin built St Augustine's Church in Ramsgate next to his own house, "The Grange." He considered it his ideal Church, following exactly the principles that he promoted in the gothic revival. the Pilgrimage includes a tour of the Church by the Pugin Society and a talk by Fr Marcus Holden, the parish priest, about St Augustine and the significance of the Shrine. There will also be devotions, Benediction, and the veneration of the relic of St Augustine.

There is a Friends of St Augustine’s Church which was set up to support the restoration and repair of the Church

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