They shoot horses, don't they?

Prolonging suffering of dying patients through medical care is 'evil' according to a senior spokesman of Healthcare Professionals for Assisted Dying (HPAD

Speaking to the British Medical Association, Professor Tallis said that:
"Unbearable suffering, prolonged by medical care and inflicted on a dying patient who wishes to die is an unequivocal evil."
Well naturally if anyone were to inflict unbearable suffering on a dying patient, that would be evil. If a patient is already suffering, it would also be an evil to fail to provide adequate palliative care, or to kill the patient.

Dr John McGough, also a member of HPAD, used the example of vets putting down animals, saying that this was considered compassionate and kind. He wants doctors to be able to do the same for people. This is a shaft of light into the real thinking of the assisted dying lobby. Essentially we are being encouraged to see the medically assisted killing of human beings within the same moral compass as putting down a dog.

There is a poll in the article, asking "Should assisted dying be legalised?" At the moment, the "Yes" votes are winning by 581 to 252 votes. If you vote and re-blog the poll, we could give a voice to those who do not think that people should be put down as animals are.

Thanks to Care Not Killing for the link.

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