Meeting the Apostolic Nuncio

Papal Nuncio Meets His Hermeneuticalness

Last week I was at the Faith Summer Session at Woldingham. HE Antonio Mennini, the Apostolic Nuncio to Great Britain, visited the conference on the Tuesday. He celebrated Mass and preached, drawing inspiration from St Ignatius of Loyola and encouraging the young people to make the most of the opportunity to pray and to learn more about the faith, as well as enjoying themselves.

Mulier Fortis got His Excellency to pose for a photo with me. That is the first time I have been photographed with an Apostolic Nuncio. He was quite charming, informal and friendly. I pray that God will assist him in his work on behalf of the Holy Father, not only in the appointment of Bishops, but also in his general responsibility of representing the Holy See in our country. I am sure that his kindly good humour will go down well among the other diplomats.

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