Chick-fil-A: the silent majority speaks

Could Chick-fil-A be the implausible beginning of the fightback of the silent majority against the metrosexual elite who wish to impose the dictatorship of relativism on the rest of us?

Yesterday was Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day; Rush Limbaugh covered it in a phone-in and has posted the transcript with photos of long queues. Sancte Pater has reposted the transcript and added more pictures (see: The Sleeping Giant Awakens and Stands on Line for Chick-fil-A.)

CEO Truett Cathy, a Christian, has spoken out against the redefinition of marriage: as a result, the mayor of Boston has said that he won't allow the company to open new restaurants in the city, and Chicago soon followed suit. Mike Huckabee, talk show host and former governor of Arkansas promoted yesterday's Appreciation Day in response. It seems to have been a great success; one indicator is that over 650,000 people signed up to go on the Facebook Public Event page.

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