Fr Simon Henry in Mass of Ages

The latest edition of Mass of Ages has arrived in time to be available in the parish this weekend. In the last issue, there was an article about me. This issue has an article about Fr Simon Henry who blogs at Offerimus tibi Domine. Both articles focussed on the implementation of Summorum Pontificum in the parish, and on the use of the blogosphere as a priestly apostolate.

It was interesting to read of how Fr Henry had to cope with arriving in a parish with a reputation already established (not necessarily accurately) and easily found on Google. An online reputation does not replace the experience of meeting a person, and this is particularly important for a pastoral priest. Things seem to have settled down now (as indeed they have in Blackfen) and Fr Henry is able to minister in his parish in relative peace.

Mass of Ages is a very well produced magazine which does credit to the Latin Mass Society. Unfortunately it is not available online. You can buy a copy at the Latin Mass Society website (£3.50 UK; £5 Europe; £6.50 outside Europe)

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